Why Design Services as a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve always loved color. Gel pens, nail polish, bedroom walls… those were the items I could have in whatever color I wanted. Even though it was suggested that I wear black clothing (you know, to hide the rolls and curves), I loved brightly colored dresses and pants and tank tops.

I love the way colors make me feel–alone and in specific combinations. I love how one set of colors can soothe me and another frustrate me. I love the way color gives a vibe.

Growing up as a creative person, I enjoyed taking seemingly random items–sometimes broken items–and bringing them together to make something beautiful. Mixing my own paint colors, dressing like a bag of skittles, writing in anything but black ink… the use of color is an expression of oneself.

Colors alone can be design. Colors with words elevate design even further. While I’m still a novice at website design, I have spent the last few years learning how to reflect the voices of business owners into social media ads that highlight their businesses and reflect their values. I’ve also designed business cards, Christmas cards, party invitations, event flyers, and logos for businesses as well as for myself.

I understand that as a business owner, you may not want to (or have time to) design your own visual materials. Let me help you with that.

My passion, as a creator, is to create and I’ve used many mediums to do so. I create stories with words, but also through digital design. Sometimes, it’s just about taking a boring set of text and making it pretty.

If you have a design project in mind for your business and you want to see how I can assist, feel free to reach out to me and let’s chat.

~Christine Gabriélle

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